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Wild Boar Butchery Class SOLD OUT

Feral hogs are a constant conversation for us, and Texans in general.  What to do with this invasive, destructive pest has become a bit of an obsession for us (#eatahogsavetheworld) and a daily reality for ranchers, farmers, biologists and even people in charge of golf courses.  Fortunately, these tricky pigs are very good if approached with a simple, conceptual butchery and cooking plan, and we are here to help.  

This class covers the butchery of feral hogs, including chops, ribs, bellies, hams, tenderloins, shoulder roasts, shanks and cutlets.  Increased focus is placed on differing sizes, sexes and fat content of hogs in order to discern the highest and best use of each individual hog that's been trapped or hunted.  Stock-making, lard rendering, sausage-making and slow cooking are all part of this 3+ hour class. Classes are held in our butcher shop at 2406 Manor Road, Austin, Texas. Tickets are transferable, but non-refundable.