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Spot and Stalk Axis Hunt on the Roam Ranch

December 20-22, 2019 (3 days, 2 nights)

Location:  Stonewall area

Class type:  Open Enrollment Public Hunting School

Experience Level:  Intermediate to Expert

This exquisite bison ranch along the banks of the Pedernales River is getting quite the name, not only for the high-quality meat being raised on the ranch, but for the innovative and regenerative practices being implemented to restore these native bottomlands to their previous natural balance. 

Part of this includes managing the land of invasive species, most notably the hyper-delicious and wary Axis deer, along with the mercurial feral hog.  Huge herds of Axis now populate the Stonewall and Fredericksburg landscape, due to long-ago stockings, and these free-ranging and very much wild animals compete with extreme efficiency with native whitetail deer and the reintroduced, once-native bison.  The local whitetail population is also in a state of needed management, so guests are strongly encouraged to take these, as well as axis and hogs. 

These hunts on the Roam Ranch are an NSTC first: all hands-on skinning, gutting and butchery, and limited to only two students per hunt for a very intimate and focused trip.  Join Jesse and Taylor Collins, co-founder of Roam Ranch, on these spot-and-stalk axis and hog hunts, and then experience the entire process of converting these animals to food to sustain you for months.  There are four hunts included in this package:  one evening, two mornings and one nighttime thermal/night vision hunt on Saturday.

This hunt is also available as a private, 2-person event.  Contact for more information and scheduling.

$3,200 per person


4 fully guided hunts for an axis doe*, up to 2 whitetail does and unlimited hogs, including night vision/thermal (equipment provided)

*larger axis bucks are available for additional cost

Hands-On skinning and gutting demos

Hands-on class on venison and/or feral hog butchery


All meals from Friday lunch to Sunday brunch

A copy of Afield