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Whitetail and Hog Hunt on Mount Lucas Ranch (November)

November Class:  November 22-24, 2019 (3 days/2 nights)

Location:  between San Antonio and Corpus Christi

Class type:  Open Enrollment Public Hunting School (6 students)

Experience Level:  Beginner to Advanced

We welcome our 6th season at this beautiful, sprawling South Texas spread on the shoreline of Lake Corpus Christi, in the heart of the Brush Country.  This ranch is heavily populated with whitetail and hogs, which thrive in both the verdant lake bottoms and the brushy, huisatche covered hillsides.

This hunt will follow our standard format of arrival early on Friday for lunch, range time to ensure everyone’s rifle is dialed in, some ranch history and a safety lesson.  Then it’s on to the first hunt.  After each of three guided hunts, there will be hands-on skinning and gutting demos to give you all the skills to go and do this on your own, or to learn new techniques to add to your bag of tricks.

Saturday brings a morning hunt, followed by more food and a long afternoon butchery and cooking class featuring the game present on the ranch.  That night is the Guide’s Dinner, which presents everything taught during the class in grilled, braised or even raw form.  Sunday morning is time for the final hunt, a blowout brunch and packing your animals for taking home and applying your newfound skills to.

This hunt is also available as a private, 6-person event.  Contact for more information and scheduling.

$2,500 per person


3 guided hunts for whitetail deer and unlimited hogs

Skinning and gutting demos, plus hands on experience

Demo class on feral hog and venison butchery and cooking


All meals from Friday lunch to Sunday brunch

A copy of Afield