The New School of Traditional Cookery

The New School of Traditional Cookery was founded in 2006, concurrently with Dai Due Supper Club, to provide an educational aspect of our business that promotes responsible use of our wild resources.   The aim is to educate, train and empower people within our community to utilize local foods to their fullest.  Our main focus has been on animals, both domestic and wild.  Butchery classes, Hunting and Fishing “Schools” and various cooking courses devoted to meat and fish cookery have become our mainstay.  These events are open to all, with any experience level, and are designed to be immersive, usable and adaptable to our students’ abilities.

Currently, no seats are available for upcoming schools or classes. Please be sure you have signed up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page) to be informed when classes are scheduled.

General Info


Day Classes

The New School offers different types of courses.  First, we have Day Classes, generally focused on butchery of domestic and game animals, which can be taught on site at our demo kitchen at Dai Due, or off-site for private groups at their residences, ranches or kitchens.  Public Day Classes cost around $150 per person, and occasionally include a dinner the following evening featuring the items prepared during the class, at an additional cost. 

Public Schools

These intensive classes involve every facet of the hunting and fishing experience. Starting with the day afield, classes will cover butchering, processing, cooking and packaging. Public Schools can take place from the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country, and usually span three to five days.  These classes are available to anyone, and are usually limited to 6-8 students.   Public Schools, which are all-inclusive of lodging, food, classes and hunting/fishing, generally cost around $2,250.


Private Schools

Custom butchery and cooking classes – Private Schools -  are available to private groups on their own properties, where we can demonstrate myriad techniques on cleaning, storing, butchering and cooking game.  These are most commonly focused on wild hogs and deer, but we can provide instruction on any fish (freshwater and saltwater) and all game animals such as quail, dove, waterfowl, exotics, small game and turkey.  Please email us at info@daidue.com if you are interested in arranging a private school. .

Hunts on the Historic Pierce Ranch 

We are proud to partner with this 32,000 acre ranch on the coastal plains between Wharton and El Campo to offer hunting, fishing and cooking classes.  A 1 hour drive from Houston or a 2.5 hour drive from Austin, this well-managed property has abundant doves, ducks, deer, hogs, geese and sandhill cranes available, and is a quick drive to Matagorda Bay with excellent year-round bay fishing.  The opportunities for hunting, processing, butchering, cooking and eating at this property are incredible.  Lodging, guides, meals, demos and cooking classes can all be included for groups of 8 or more.  For more information about hosting a private, customized event on this property, please contact the Pierce Ranch and info@daidue.com to coordinate.

Consulting Services

NSTC, in conjunction with Kevin Stewart Architect, can also consult on the design and construction of efficient game processing facilities and outdoor kitchens for homes, hunting camps, farms and ranches around the state and beyond.  Please email us at info@daidue.com for more information.



What skill level do I need to participate?

None.  We focus on ground-up, empathetic instruction that is appropriate for beginners, or those with a great deal of experience.  Most of our students are either very new to butchery, hunting or fishing, or are seasoned outdoorspeople looking to learn more about processing and cooking.

When do the classes happen?

Day-class butchery events are held at Dai Due on specific Mondays when the restaurant is closed.  Fishing Schools typically happen in the summer and fall.  Hunting Schools will generally be in hunting season - November through February - but feral hog courses can be scheduled throughout the year. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page) to be informed when classes are scheduled.  

What is included in the Public Schools?

Lodging and classes are provided during these open-enrollment events.  All food is prepared by our staff, using local ingredients, and is a distinct part of these trips.  During fishing schools, we eat seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Likewise, when on a wild boar hunt, we eat hogs in their various forms at every meal as part of the immersion.  Trained, friendly and helpful guides are provided during all of these events to assist students.  Classwork covers every step in the process, from cleaning and butchering, to cooking and packaging.

Where are the Public Schools?

We partner with ranches around the state, generally in South Texas or the Hill Country, for our Hunting Schools.  Fishing takes place at the coast, near Port Aransas or Matagorda.  Freshwater fishing events around Austin are also possible.

What is included in Private Schools?

We can customize an event to suit the particular need of any corporate group, family or just a bunch of friends.  We will focus on whatever game is available, and then further refine the classwork to best instruct our clients on how to maximize the resource on their own property depending on their needs.  As with the above Public Schools, we provide full, bountiful meal plans.  Guides can also be provided if necessary, between our in-house staff of hunting guides, to a roster of experienced and well-known fishing guides that work with us.  NSTC can curate a hunting or fishing/cooking/class event for just about any skill level, interest or occasion.

What else do I need?

We will help with detailed lists of clothing, equipment and other items needed to complete the courses.  Online resources, continuing education and suggested reading is always covered, too.  We can assist with purchasing hunting and fishing licenses for resident and out of state clients.


About Us

Jesse Griffiths is the chef/owner of Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club along with his business partner, Tamara Mayfield, and head instructor of the New School of Traditional Cookery.  In 2012, he authored Afield: a chef's guide to preparing and cooking wild game and fish, which was nominated for a James Beard award.

Morgan Angelone is the Director of Operations for the NSTC, and has worked for Dai Due for almost a decade in every capacity.  She is the former chef de cuisine of Austin restaurants ASTI and Olivia.



Chef Jesse and his team from the New School of Traditional Cookery completely smashed our expectations and delivered an almost unbelievable and unique culinary experience for our guests. We asked for a bespoke butchering class and dinner utilizing game we had taken on our Nilgai Antelope hunt. They blew us away with the dinner they prepared from 100% locally sourced ingredients. All of which they managed to execute flawlessly, working from a camp house kitchen they’d never laid eyes on, at a ranch a 4 hour drive from Austin. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Miguel G.
I came to Hog School as a foodie, interested in experiencing first-hand the harvesting of wild game. The fantastic New School team created a very supportive environment for a novice hunter, and I was able to learn how to hunt and process the hogs without feeling intimidated by my inexperience. I was also well-fed: Morgan’s cooking is reason enough to go on the trip! I have been back for a repeat experience, and I look forward to trying out a fishing retreat next…
— Philip K.
We have participated Dai Due schools as family affairs.  We have enjoyed the fishing school as a couples retreat and the hog hunting as father/son bonding—-all with delicious meals and delightful camaraderie included. The Dai Due team was totally focused on making each experience personal and memorable. We can’t wait for our next adventure with Jesse and his magnificent team.
— Randy and Kay L.
Before my time at the Dai Due hunting school, I would say that I was blissfully ignorant to the natural process of harvesting an animal for my own consumption. However, after spending those 3 days with Jesse and his team, in a deer blind at dusk, understanding the emotional, spiritual andpractical ramifications of harvesting a deer or a boar or a wild ram, the thought and time that went into every single detail completely change my mental and emotional trajectory for the rest of the my life.
— Brad O.


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Currently, no classes or schools are scheduled.

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